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Guitar Pedal Workshop with Noah Rabe $49Purchase required to enroll

Learn about pedals and guitar effects and have a part in actually building a pedal board for the school! In this workshop, Noah will be going through many different effects pedals and explain what each one does - Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Fuzz, Compression, Wah-Wah, Whammy, and many more. If you have an interest in guitar effects or building your own board, this is the workshop for you!

Songwriting Workshop $49Purchase required to enroll

In this song writing workshop students will learning two approaches to song writing. Songwriting that is music driven and songwriting that is concept/lyric driven. Each have very specific ways of creating a full complete song. Each student that attends will leave with an original composition of their own or a group composition depending on which approach they want to take. Find out how writing a song with music first effects the melody and lyrics, on the flip side, find out how writing the words first can effect the music!

Bass for Dummies $49Purchase required to enroll

Bass; that big 4 string instrument that guitarists think they know how to play, drummers want to be able to play, and keyboardists and vocalists aren't exactly sure what it is. For all of you non bassists, this workshop is designed for you. Come hang out with Willis and learn some classic bass lines, how to improvise some basic grooves, and up your slap game! Paul McCartney was originally a guitarist but, The Beatles needed a bass player and look where he's at now...

Original Band Workshop $49Purchase required to enroll

Are you in (I'm thinking of you, ENVY), or looking to start an original band? If so and want to run a sustainable and successful enterprise, then there's a lot to learn. You'll have to learn about Booking, Management, Recording, Branding, Merchandising, Licensing, Band Psychology, and so much more. I've talked to many students here who are in bands, but don't how to progress much further than a monthly band practice. Learn from someone who gigs constantly, has booked tours, knows how to make money, and has fun doing it. This someone is Willis and many of you would have a lot to learn from him, so enroll in this workshop!

Pop Punk 101 Workshop $49Purchase required to enroll

Gear Heads Workshop $49Purchase required to enroll